Taxi do Rakouska

Taxi to Austria / cool travel will take you

to Austria

We will collect you at your address, help you with your luggage and provide transport to Austria.

Travel Taxi is a group travel, a guarantee of the shortest route to the selected destination. Arrival time is always faster, in some cases a half time (time saving). It is always paid for the car, which can take up to 6 passengers (calculate the price).

We provide taxi from České Budějovice, Český Krumlov and Třeboň to destinations such as: Gmünd, Graz, Linz, Vienna, Zwettl.

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  • Cheap taxi to Germany from České Budějovice
  • Cheap taxi to Germany from Třeboň
  • Levné taxi do Rakouska z Českého Krumlova
  • Rychlý odvoz do Rakouska levně
  • Agreed price

    Calculate the precise price for the trip yourself. The price is always for a car (maximum 6 persons). Demand is not binding. We will contact you within 60 minutes.

  • The fastest route

    You wait nowhere with TRAVEL TAXI. Passengers go directly using the fastest route. The result is shorter arrival time. We achieve even a half time at some routes.

  • Collection at your place

    We will collect you at your address. No complications with your luggage, forget an uncomfortable travelling. Good news for cyclists is that we can even transport mountain bikes.